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A-12-03A, A-12-05, Plaza Taragon, Jalan SS6/6, SS6, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.


Designed and built with care, filled with creative
elements and useful options.
The steps:
Phase 1
Knowing The

First thing first for us to do is to know the client’s ideals for the brand, take on life, and the nature of their business. Only then can we come up with plans and designs.

Phase 2
Building The Foundation

Once we know the nature of your e-commerce business, we next proceed with creating a design for your brand logo, menu appearance and layout by discussing and squeezing them creative juice out from our brain (not literally)

Phase 3
Setting Up The Shop &

We’ll pick a domain for your e-commerce, start building on the platform of your choice (website, mobile etc), design your brand logo and its font etc. on a demo/mock site.

Phase 4
Opening Up Shop

With all elements in place, your e-commerce site should be ready and raring to go! As for visitors/customers just leave it to our awesome SEO team, they net in a huge amount of people.

Ecommerce Shop Complete..

Powerful portfolios.

Some of our awesome and kewl works~ Designed with style, and flair.

Meet our clients

Our clients; the successful e-merchants! The people who have made their mark in e-commerce world.

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