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Social Media

Connecting your brand to your target audience, via
Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
The steps:
Phase 1
Being A Socialite

We first, of course, need to set up all the accounts and assigned managers for each social media accounts before anything else. We then thought up marketing and advertising strategies such as upload contents (videos etc), event shout out etc.

Phase 2
Working The Plot

Then~ we proposed our bright ideas to our client. If the client agrees with it, we’ll gladly execute it. The contents uploaded to the social media accounts will, of course, match the targeted demographic and something that everyone can get into.

Phase 3
Keeping The Socialites Updated

Of course, social media manager and the rest of team will do daily maintenance and optimization for each accounts. Our team will monitor activities on the social media accounts such as comments, messages, and reviews. So, if there ant comments or inquiries we will reply lightning fast!

Phase 4
More Than Just Selling

It’ll be more than just about getting the product across and selling it, but it’ll about establishing long-lasting relationship with the consumers so that they’ll remember you and your brand and to keep them coming back for more.

Social Media Connected..

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The clients that we've had helped getting the ideals, brands, and products across to consumers. Change and make the world a better place by connecting your brands and products to the world.

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