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Website And Web Design

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The steps:
Phase 1
Brainstorming & Conceptualizing

Getting The Web Design Ideas

From details told by client, we will sit down together and discuss for concept ideas. For example, the client wants us to combine both floral and fauna elements together for their website background or in the website banner; we will think and come with ideas for it.

Phase 2
Sketching & Storyboarding

The Drawing & Story Board

To drawing board we go! The ideas we came up with will then be sketch down in pads and tablets. Each of the designs will need to have motive and function of its own such icon, buttons. The design will be apply and use as the website/mobile app appearance

Phase 3
Mock Site

Finding The Right Looks

Once the design is decided, we then later proceed with building demo/mock site. Where we will tinker around with the layout before we can get the final layout.

Phase 4
The Launching & SEO

Why SEO Is Important?

Once the website/mobile app is completed. Of course, it’ll be launch, but right before launching it we will help with setting and finding the right keywords. These keywords are what will make your website/mobile app move up the ranks on Google pages which makes easier for it to be discovered by people whenever they search for something.

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We offer up our creative insights to both big and start-up companies and the standards of our services and commitment will be the same regardless. Because we believe fun things are to be share with the world. You Dream It, We Realize It.

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